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1. I would like to return my machine, how do I do this?

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced with our machines. We are constantly striving to improve. Please contact us and we will get back to you regarding next steps. Please note - we can only accept machines that are still in warranty and follow the guidelines as stipulated in our return policy.



2. Can I buy a gift card?

Absolutely! Gift cards can be purchased through our online store or simply click here to get you right where you want. 


3. Can I cancel my order?

If your order has already been processed and shipped, we will be unable to cancel it. Please get in touch with us regarding next steps once you receive your order in order to return it. Please note that there may be additional costs incurred. 


4. Can I add/remove items from my order even though it hasn’t shipped yet?

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to let us know your order number and what you would like to add or remove. If it's too late, we would be more than happy to help you place another order or process a return once you have received your order. Please note there may be additional charges for change requests to orders that have already been processed. 


5. I think there is something wrong with my machine

Please take photos and videos of the issue and send us an email at and we will be in touch very soon. Ensure you’re machine is still in warranty and you have filled out the product registration form.


6. What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards. 


7. How can I get in touch with you?

Visit our Contact Us page and submit in enquiry there or alternatively email us at


8. COVID-19: What safety and hygiene measures have you implemented?

At EspressoWorks, the health and well-being of our staff is always a top priority. While we have always been diligent in complying with health regulations, we have stepped up the hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of our staff, our packages, and you.

  • Washing Hands: In addition to standard hand-washing habits, our team washes their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds multiple times throughout the day- specifically before/after touching any shared equipment.
  • Disinfection: We wipe down all stations with disinfectants often. We have also increased the frequency of disinfection of high-traffic surface areas.
  • Stay Home: If a team member feels unwell, we will strongly encourage them to stay home.
  • Hands Off: For the time being, we will avoid greetings such as handshakes or hugs.
  • Stocked-up: We make every effort to ensure we are well stocked with extra tissue and alcohol-based hand cleansers.
  • Informed: We will continue to follow the CDC and WHO for facts as they become available. We are ensuring all members of our team are educated on symptoms and are well-informed on prevention best practices.


9. What is the Auto-Off function? 

All our machines have an “Auto-Off” function which will automatically activate and switch your machine off when there is 25-30 minutes of inactivity or non-stop activity and will also activate after 3 minutes of constant pump use.