Returns & Refunds

Before returning your EspressoWorks product, give us a second chance and try out these tips:

  • Troubleshoot – are you have problems using your Espresso Machine? Try our troubleshooting page to see if there’s a quick fix to help you out!
  • User Manual – the user manuals extensively cover the proper use and care of our machines as well as some tips for making your coffee the way you love it.
  • Blog – Browse through an array of ideas, interesting information, and useful tips, all about coffee and enhancing your cup with each grind.
  • Recipes – Coffee can do so much. Whether using the espresso in a dessert or rubbing the used grounds as a delicious marinade for the barbecue, peek in here for mind-blowing recipes using coffee!
  • FAQ – our FAQ guides you through some frequently asked questions that you too may be having.

To return your product or claim your warranty, please get in touch via our contact us page and make sure your product has been registered.

Please note: We can only process those exchanges and refunds that meet the criteria outlined in our warranty disclaimer or our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.