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For us, the powerful smell of a fresh brew never fails at clearing our minds. In our small family-run company, coffee is an essential colleague of every meeting and a pleasant friend over which to catch up with one another. We make every cup of coffee unique. Having that freedom and choice to choose our own beans every time - the regular or something new - freshly grind them and watch that espresso flow down, it's such an enjoyable and personal experience.

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Neat Perfection

With this passion for coffee, we set out to create the one-stop-shop for any coffee enthusiast, regardless of how sharp or fresh their coffee palettes may be. EspressoWorks machines are designed to perfectly regulate the pressure at which the espresso is drawn, leaving a perfect crema every time. Broadening the type of coffee to enjoy, all our machines give the capability of frothing milk easily, conveniently, and safely.  Best of all, brewing your own espresso at home is a great way to save some money.

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brewing the perfect espresso at home

Nervous at the prospect of making in-home espresso? Don’t be. Our machines come with an illustrated quick start guide to lead you through the process. We’re also happy to guide you through step by step. The EspressoWorks team is available around the clock to answer any questions and help you with your machine at any time.