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Understanding the Difference Between Steaming and Frothing Milk

During conversations about the use of milk in gourmet coffee beverages, the words “steaming” and “frothing” are often used interchangeably. But in fact, steaming milk and frothing milk are two separate things.

Salt in Coffee — Does It Really Taste Better?

Coffee lovers are hardly monolithic when it comes to opinions on how coffee should be served. Some drink it black, some prefer it with milk and sugar, some drink it with no sugar but a lot of milk — and sometimes, cinnamon or vanilla is added to coffee. One subject that doesn’t receive a lot of discussion is using salt in coffee - although some experienced baristas can't get enough of it.

The 7 Benefits Of Using Coffee For Your Face And Skin

Once you see the 7 benefits of using coffee for your face and skin, you’re going to regret not having already implementing it into your beauty routine. 

7 Best Halloween Recipes with Coffee

Coffee has not only inspired a wide range of beverages, but also, some delicious sweets. And Halloween can be celebrated with a variety of coffee-based beverages (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic), coffee-inspired sweets and rich Halloween desserts.

Making Spooky Halloween Latte Art

That’s right, we’re going to show you how to take your coffee artistry to an entirely new level just in time for Halloween. Why Halloween, you ask? So you can make spooky Halloween latte art, of course! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to make a latte featuring an adorable ghost that’s sure to be a hit with friends and family!

6 Scary and Scrumptious Halloween Coffee Recipes

It’s nearly everyone’s favorite spooky time of the year again! As people dress up and get into the Halloween spirit, why not give your favorite coffee drinks the same festive trickery and treatment? There’s no better excuse to play mad scientist and perform delicious little experiments with your favorite blends of coffee and espresso. Below, we’ve got six wicked delicious Halloween coffee recipes that should serve as inspiration so you can whip up some creative coffee treats that are scary good!

French Press: Best How-To Tips, Techniques, and Creative Uses

France has been an important contributor to coffee culture over the years, making terms like café au lait and café du jouras indispensable as the almighty croissant. And it was in France that, during the 1850s, an early version of the French Press (which is called a cafetière in French) was patented — although Italian designers Attilio Calimano and Giulio Moneta came up with their own version in the 1920s. The device is still commonly used in 2021, but it is important to understand how to use a French Press correctly.

What is a Burr Grinder?

When it comes to preparing coffee, many seasoned baristas have an unbreakable rule: use whole-bean coffee exclusively, and never purchase pre-ground coffee. This requires more effort and more work, as the beans have to be ground up before the coffee can be brewed. But baristas who refuse to touch pre-ground coffee are quick to emphasize that when their coffee beans aren’t ground up until they are ready to start brewing, the result is much fresher-tasting coffee. The options for grinding coffee beans include blade grinders and burr grinders, and baristas who insist on only using burr grinders have strong feelings about the choice they have made.

8 Delicious Milk Alternatives for Coffee to Try

As more people are becoming more conscious about what they put into their body, plant-based diets are becoming all the rage, and many are turning to delicious milk alternatives for coffee.

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

Though pour-over coffee is often found in the specialty coffee scene, its popularity as one of the best methods to brew quality coffee is quickly spreading. Perhaps one of the reasons this awesome coffee technique is gaining so much traction is because of its relative ease to try out. Now, we’re not saying mastering the art of pour-over coffee is simple. But we are definitely suggesting you should give it a try if you have the right tools and ingredients for the job!

A Guide to Frothing Milk with a Milk Frother

Experienced baristas realize that knowing how to froth milk well can mean the difference between a great coffee beverage and a disappointing one. Milk is frothed when air is added to it, and the more air the milk is exposed to, the thicker the foam will be. There are different ways to froth milk, from manual frothers to automatic frothers.

How To Make Café De Olla At Home

Cafe De Olla is actually quite a simple drink to make, though its delicious flavor profile may suggest otherwise. Literally translating as “Coffee from a pot”, there are a few main ingredients that you’ll need to brew your own excellent batch of Cafe De Olla. 

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