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Father’s Day Gift Guide - Best Home Coffee Presents for Dad

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Best Home Coffee Presents for Dad, by EspressoWorks

What do you get a dad that has everything? You get him the ability to make delicious coffee anytime, anywhere! If your dad is a superhero with coffee being his kryptonite, then we’ve created a perfectly-curated Father’s Day gift guide that’ll make any dad feel even more super! Whether your dad is a home handyman, an outdoorsman, or an eco-warrior, the coffee-related ideas in this Father’s Day gift guide will be sure to warm his heart - and his cup - for a long time to come.

Coffee Gifts for the Tinkerer Dad

Tinkerer dads are the ones who always need new and interesting projects around the house. Whether it’s trying to fix appliances that have gone wrong, building sheds, or concocting new recipes, these dads love working on and mending things at home. Whether it’s setting up a new espresso machine or measuring out the specific ingredients for a new coffee recipe he found online, these gifts are ideal for home handyman dads!

10-Piece Stainless Steel Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

This awesome set has everything your dad will need to whip up a mean espresso or cappuccino right at home. The machine comes with all the necessary accessories including glasses, a grinder, portafilters, a quick-start guide, and lots more! Producing up to 19 bars of pressure, this machine can extract every ounce of flavor and only needs about 45 seconds before it’s ready to brew! With this set, your dad can literally turn the home kitchen into a mini coffee shop!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit

Cold brew coffee is arguably one of the most delicious ways to extract flavor from coffee beans. By letting cold water slowly draw out the flavor, you don’t get as much of an acidic taste, which some people swear by. Creating your own cold brew coffee from scratch is almost like watching a science experiment come to life – but it’s much safer! Any dad will absolutely love putting this gorgeous kit together and fiddling with all the settings to brew their coffee just right. By adjusting the dripper, your dad will be able to set just how long he wants his cold brew coffee to steep for!

Digital Kitchen Scale

What dad doesn’t love pretending to be a mad scientist and measuring out ingredients for new recipes at home? A digital scale will let your dad weigh all the necessary items for his perfect cup of coffee for perfectly repeatable results. Since this gift is super simple to use but is so practical, it’s the perfect fit for any dad that loves to tinker. Besides, your dad can even use the scale to measure other things outside of his coffee hobby.

Coffee Gifts for the Outdoorsman/Travel Dad

Outdoorsmen and travel dads are the ones who are always on the move. Be it for business or just to reconnect with nature, these are the dads that are driven by a spirit of adventure. Our Father’s Day gift guide for outdoor/travel dads takes the dynamic lifestyle of these dads into account and only includes coffee-related products for dads who might not have the relevant creature comforts to brew a traditional cup of coffee using traditional means. What does this mean? Well, none of the products listed below require electricity to run, and they can be used by your dad no matter where in the world business or adventure takes him next.

Travel Bundle

This is the ideal coffee-making set for dads who fancy themselves as outdoorsmen or are always jetting off to new locations for business. Each component of this set is super durable and portable, allowing your dad to make his perfect cup of joe no matter if he’s camping out in the wilderness or stuck in a poorly-furnished hotel room for business. Best of all, all the items in this bundle don’t require electricity to run, so your dad can enjoy his coffee no matter what life throws his way.

Aero Coffee Plunger Set

This set is not only super portable, but it’s also just about as no-frills as you can get when it comes to brewing coffee. Even if your adventure dad is in the middle of the woods with nothing but a campfire to keep warm, he’ll still be able to enjoy a comforting cup of coffee. The unique design of the Aero Coffee Plunger utilizes an airtight seal, a plunger, and boiling water to make a cup of coffee in just 2.5 minutes! Fast, convenient, safe, and easy to clean, this is a must-have for any dad on the go!

Eco-friendly Travel Mug

This is a travel mug that ditches plastic for higher-quality materials. Made to be durable and withstand plenty of abuse, no matter how off the beaten path your dad goes, he can be assured that his trusty travel mug will be able to withstand it. Coated in a grippy material to prevent accidental spills, while also being ultra-tough, this is a mug that will be just at home somewhere off in the Himalayas or on a business trip. Durability aside, this travel mug is also exceptional at keeping coffee warm for long periods of time, so that no matter how long that hike or plane ride is, your dad won’t need to worry about his coffee being ice-cold when he finally gets round to drinking it.

Coffee Gifts for the Eco-warrior Dad

If your dad has a love for nature and is a green eco-warrior, then this Father’s Day Gift Guide will be perfect for them. We’ve thoughtfully included coffee-related items that help the environment in some way, shape, or form, while also being of exceptional quality and practicality. So, let your dad enjoy some coffee, guilt-free with these awesome products that are far greener than buying from chain stores.

Moka Pot Stovetop Espresso Maker

This durable pot has been the default and traditional way to make coffee since it exploded in popularity around the 1940s and onward. Given the Moka Pot’s tendency to last a lifetime, your dad will never need to worry about parts breaking and having to use up earth’s precious resources to buy replacements. In addition, a Moka Pot requires no electricity to run, just heat. So, aside from having to heat up your coffee, your dad can significantly reduce his coffee-consumption carbon footprint without sacrificing quality in the process.

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Glass Coffee Dripper and Carafe Set with Reusable Metallic Filter

Drip coffee is growing in popularity these days and often commands an even higher price at coffee shops than a regular cup of joe. The thing is, it’s super easy to make at home and quite environmentally friendly, too. With no mechanical parts to wear away over time, if your dad cares for his glass coffee dripper well, he’ll be able to use it for years and years to come. The reusable metallic filter also means that there is no paper wastage since many other coffee brewing methods rely on disposable paper filters.

Reusable Steel Straws

If your dad is the type of person who loves using straws, but can’t bear the thought of that plastic ending up in the ocean, or in the stomach of some poor animal, then this is the gift for him! Reusable steel straws are great for drinking coffee, but can also be used to enjoy any other type of beverage, too. Their durable and sturdy construction means you’ll never need to throw these straws out, and they come in a variety of different shapes to suit all occasions!

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Espresso Your Love for Your Dad

This Father’s Day gift guide tries to split up different coffee gift ideas to suit your dad’s lifestyle, hobbies, and interests. Letting your dad pursue his love for coffee while also taking into consideration how your gift can slot perfectly into his life will make these presents something your dad cherishes for years to come. Whether your dad is a tinkerer, an adventurer, or environmentally conscious, we hope this Father’s Day gift guide has given you some awesome ideas for the perfect gift to espresso just how much you love your dad!