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Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit


Cold-brew is arguably one of the most delicious ways to make coffee. However, without the right tools, you could just end up wasting your time. Bring in the EspressoWorks Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit! This set includes a chamber for your ice and water, a drip to control the water drip speed, a separate compartment for your coffee grounds, and a carafe to collect your cold brew.

Made of quality glass, you’ll be able to get a clear view of the entire cold brew process and understand just how cold brew coffee is made! The controllable drip lets you choose the speed at which cold water drips into the coffee grounds so you can set how strong you want your coffee to be. When your coffee is ready, use the convenient lip on the carafe to easily pour it into your favorite mug or glass!

  • Includes ice and water chamber, drip, a compartment for coffee grounds and carafe
  • Beautiful glass design lets you clearly see the entire process
  • Drip lets you control the water speed as it drips onto your coffee grounds
  • Carafe contains a convenient lip for easy pouring and wooden trim to protect your hands
  • Set of filters included