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Cold Brew Bundle


Love your cold brew, but hate paying the premium prices for it at a cafe? The EspressoWorks Cold Brew Bundle has everything you need to easily brew and serve your own cold brew for that early morning energy fix. Perfectly portion your brew with an electric coffee grinder, measuring spoons, espresso measuring glass, and our Cold Brew Kit. Then, finish the presentation with double-walled cappuccino glasses to keep your concoction refreshingly cold.

What's Included in this set:

  • Cold Brew Kit - Made of quality glass with a controllable drip that lets you choose the strength of your coffee and get a front-row view of the brewing process.
  • Double-walled cappuccino glasses - Set of 2 double-walled cappuccino cups made with double-walled glass to observe the tones and consistency of your cold brew without losing its refreshing cool temperature.
  • Electric Coffee Grinder - Grind your favorite beans easily and quickly with complete control using our electric coffee grinder.
  • Measuring Spoons - Perfectly portion your grounds for strength and consistency
  • Espresso Measuring Glass - An essential to carefully create and curate every characteristic of your coffee recipe.