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Coffee Tamper with Flat and Angled sides (2-in-1), 51mm


Extract the perfect shot of espresso just like a professional barista with the EspressoWorks Coffee Tamper with flat and Angled Sides (2-in-1)! This tamper is weighted just right to allow you to apply the perfect amount of pressure so that your coffee grinds are packed evenly and tightly in the basket of your espresso machine.

The anti-slip handle is designed to offer maximum grip while the premium stainless steel construction is durable, easy to clean, and always reliable.

With a flat and angled head to work with, you can employ a distributor/leveler and tamper all in one. Why experience the hassle of needing two different heads when they’re both provided in one simple package that lets you make espresso like a pro?

  • Double head design
  • Distributor/leveler and tamper in one
  • Perfectly weighted
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Easy to clean and maintain