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Glass Coffee Dripper and Carafe Set with Reusable Metallic Filter


Take your drip coffee to the next level with this incredible EspressoWorks Glass Dripper and Carafe Set with Reusable Metallic Filter that combines amazing design and unwavering practicality. Our specially-designed glass dripper ensures that it’s far easier to achieve a consistent pour for great results. The glass carafe catches your fragrant coffee and allows you to examine the color as it filters through so you instantly know if your coffee has turned out perfect.

Our included metal filter is a great option to protect our environment and to ensure you never have to crave drip coffee without paper filters on hand. You can also ensure your hands are kept safe with the insulating wooden trim around the carafe. As a package, this essential set of tools will ensure you can brew high-quality drip coffee just like a barista!

  • Includes dripper, carafe, metal filter, and insulating wooden trim
  • Dripper features optimum shape for pour-over coffee extraction
  • Carafe includes a convenient lip for easy pouring
  • Wooden trim to keep your hands safe
  • Metal filter can be reused; replaces paper filters
  • Beautiful glass design
  • Available in 13.5oz / 20oz