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Pour-Over V60 Coffee Dripper


This ceramic EspressoWorks Pour-Over V60 Coffee Dripper is one of the best brewing tools to ensure you get a nice, even cup of coffee. The conical design allows water to uniformly extract the most flavor from your coffee grounds as it travels down toward the narrower base of the coffee dripper.

This coffee dripper can be placed on most sizes of cups, mugs, and carafes, and is one of the fastest ways to brew a clean cup of coffee, taking a maximum of four minutes. The ceramic material is a great insulator of heat, meaning you are far safer when using it, and ceramic is great at resisting minor scuffs and dings, so it’s great for durability!

  • Optimum shape for pour-over coffee extraction
  • Ceramic material offers great insulation
  • Can be placed on cups, mugs, and carafes of most sizes
  • Very durable
  • Available in Black / White / Red