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How To Make The Best Coffee Milkshake

The Best Coffee Milkshake Recipe Ever! - Coffee Life by EspressoWorks

Coffee Milk-shake things Up!

We never really need an excuse to indulge in a thick, creamy milkshake, but considering that it’s National Coffee Milkshake Day, now’s the best time to satisfy your cravings. Though milkshakes come in a whole range of delicious flavors, coffee milkshakes strike a mouthwatering blend between sweet and savory.

Now that we’ve got you craving dessert, here’s a recipe for the perfect coffee milkshake that’s sure to hit that sweet spot!

What Is The Secret Of A Good Coffee Milkshake?

Though coffee milkshakes pack in plenty of flavor, the secret to success is to use only a few quality ingredients. You’ll only need four ingredients to make a great coffee milkshake, and conveniently, none of them are difficult to come by. Best of all, this delicious treat can be whipped up in around 5-10 minutes. 

Four Key Ingredients To Make A Coffee Milkshake


It wouldn’t be a milkshake without milk! Depending on how heavy you like your milkshakes, you can use anything from full-fat milk to dairy substitutes like almond and coconut milk.

2. Coffee

It’s important to pick your favorite type of coffee and add the right amount. There’s no perfect ratio, so go wild!

3. Vanilla Ice Cream

Now we’re getting into the thick of things. Make sure to use 4-5 scoops of real vanilla ice cream for that authentic milkshake texture and taste. 

4. Cocoa Powder

Use your favorite cocoa powder to lift the flavor profile from good to great! Just remember, cocoa powder is very concentrated, so a small amount will suffice. In a pinch, if you do not have cocoa powder available, chocolate powder can also be used. 

How To Make A Coffee Milkshake

1. Gather Your Ingredients

Make sure you have all the four major ingredients on hand. Having all four ingredients is amust for coffee milkshake to reach its full potential! Make sure to use high-quality ingredients for optimum results.

2. Blend it Up

Add your ingredients into a blender and watch the magic happen! Ensure that all the ingredients are incorporated together until rich and creamy. You can add ice, as well, if you so desire. 

3. Pour and Serve

When you’re satisfied with the consistency of your coffee milkshake, you’re just one step away from enjoying the fruits of your labor. Pour the milkshake into a glass (or two), add some whipped cream on top if needed, and celebrate National Coffee Milkshake Day by yourself or with loved ones!

4. Fun Bonus Step

Repeat the process and make more!

How Do I Make My Coffee Milkshake Stronger?

Want a potent kick in your coffee milkshake? Instead of just adding more coffee, it’s better to use something stronger. There are two ways that coffee strength is experienced. First is by the roast level and second, by the caffeine content. 

Most typical coffees are from the Arabica family and contain 1.2% caffeine on average. For a real kick to your coffee milkshake, try finding a Robusta coffee, which contains almost double the caffeine amount at 2.1%. You can also look for coffees that have a lighter roast, which actually bring out a stronger flavor profile than darker roasts.  

Different Types Of Coffee Milkshake Flavors

If you’re feeling in the mood to experiment a little, why not get creative and mix things up? There are plenty of amazing variations you can try when it comes to making coffee milkshakes. 

Coffee Chocolate Milkshake: Who doesn’t love chocolate? For this simple twist just add 2 tablespoons of chocolate sauce to the other ingredients and blend. 

Coffee Banana Milkshake:  For a healthier option, simply chuck 1 banana into the mix to add natural energy and potassium!

Nutella Coffee Milkshake: Now we’re taking things to a whole new level of sweet. Add 2 tablespoons of Nutella into the blender and enjoy.

Peanut Butter Maple Syrup Coffee Milkshake: If you’re feeling adventurous, combine some peanut butter and maple syrup with the other ingredients in the blender.

Boozy Coffee Milkshake: This is the best choice to get the party started! Add Kahlua and Baileys to create a milkshake suitable for adults only.

Celebrate National Coffee Milkshake Day

If you’ve been on the fence about indulging in a delicious coffee milkshake, there’s no better time than National Coffee Milkshake Day to treat yourself. Cast the calorie count aside and replace it with culinary creativity as you mix up the perfect coffee concoction. As long as you have the right ingredients and a can-do spirit, there’s no reason why you can’t blend up a coffee milkshake for the ages!

Whether you enjoy your creation by yourself or share it with friends and family, we salute all the coffee lovers who will raise a glass of milky coffee goodness in celebration of National Coffee Milkshake Day.