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The Barista Artist Bundle (9-Piece Bundle)

Printed Espresso Cup 1
Printed Espresso Cup 2
Milk Frothing Jug (350ml)

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Looking for that perfect outlet for artistic expression with your brews? The EspressoWorks Barista Artist Bundle will help you find the muse in your coffee with all the accessories you need to craft the perfect cup that is as delicious as it looks! Measure and design your ideal creations with all the essentials including a latte art pen, tall coffee spoon, stainless steel shaker, espresso measuring glass, measuring spoons, and a milk frothing jug. Then, serve your beverage with pizzazz in our fun espresso mug for an ideal artisanal experience. Finally, complete the barista look with an apron to be a true home barista!


Included in this bundle:

  • Full-Length Apron - featuring pockets so you can easily grab your top barista essentials
  • Latte Art Pen - delicately etch a unique design to turn your creation into a true barista brew
  • Tall Coffee Spoon - ideal for stirring, perfect for serving, made for satisfying
  • Stainless Steel Shaker Set (Pack of 2) - Top it all off with a beautiful latte stencil or just a splash of color
  • Espresso Measuring Glass - a perfectly crafted drink is all about ratios
  • Measuring Spoons Set - perfect for those syrups, powders, and any other dashes of flavor and love
  • Fun Ceramic Quote Cups (choose 2) - coming in 3 designs, these fun cups feature designs to brighten up your morning and express your espresso
  • Milk Frothing Jug, 350ml (Matte Red, Black, Blue, Rainbow, Rose Gold, Stainless Steel) - an essential to hold your heated and frothed milk, with a spout for easy pouring