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Pour-Over Coffee Dripper Set


The EspressoWorks Pour-Over Coffee Dripper Set includes the main components to brew amazing pour-over coffee. The coffee dripper component is specially shaped to allow for maximum efficiency and coverage during coffee extraction. Made from ceramic, it is extremely durable and has insulating properties to keep you as safe as possible.

The ceramic carafe is placed below the coffee dripper so that you can safely collect all your delicious coffee after it has been brewed. With a useful lip to make it easy to pour your coffee into a glass or mug of your choosing, you’ll be enjoying amazing coffee in no time!

  • Includes dripper and carafe
  • Dripper features optimum shape for pour-over coffee extraction
  • Carafe features a convenient lip for easy pouring
  • Ceramic material offers great insulation
  • Very durable
  • Matt black