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Pour Over Coffee Bundle


Perfecting the pour-over shouldn't require a masterclass in coffee making. With the right tools, you can bring the heightened experience and full flavor of your beans to the convenience of your kitchen (and at a fraction of the price). Put on the Barista Apron and refine your grind with a Burr Grinder, Digital Kitchen Scale, Gooseneck Kettle, Glass Coffee Dripper and Carafe Set, and Coffee Machine Towel. Then, take it to go with an Eco-friendly Reusable Mug for an environmentally conscious, full-bodied brew. Everything comes together for your one-stop shop for pour-over coffee with the Pour Over Coffee Bundle. 

 What's Included in this set:

  • Glass Coffee Dripper and Carafe Set with Reusable Metallic Filter 13.5oz - Our specially-designed glass dripper allows you to easily gauge your brews to perfection and allows you to handle your dripper in a safe and eco-friendly way.
  • Gooseneck with Wooden Handle - A kettle that has all the tools for you to achieve a perfect pour, while also being a statement piece.
  • Eco-friendly Reusable Mug with Glass Straw - Combat plastic consumption while ensuring the flavor of your brew.
  • Coffee Machine Towel - Makes it easy to clean dirt, grime, and dust.
  • Digital Kitchen Scale - Perfect your brew with the exact amount of grounds.
  • Manual Burr Grinder - For the finest ground beans.
  • Barista Apron with 2 Front Pockets - Perfect For the coffee baristas at home