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How much money can you save by making coffee at home?

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The True Cost of Coffee

There’s something about that alluring aroma, the delicious flavor, and the hallowed ritual of having those few minutes all to yourself that makes coffee a staple part of life. Yet, many of us know that buying coffee each and every day is having a definite negative impact on our wallets. Is there a way to have our coffee and drink it, too? Well, the best way to save money on coffee is not to stop drinking it entirely, but rather to make your own coffee at home.

Let’s take a look at whether you can actually save money on coffee by brewing your own coffee at home, and how long it would take you to pay off the cost of getting your own equipment.

The Cost of Coffee Shop Coffee

If you genuinely love getting coffee from your favorite coffee chain, but you’re on a tight budget, you could supplement your cravings by brewing your own coffee at home most days and supporting your local coffee shop once or twice a week. But just to put things into perspective, let’s take a look at what you’re paying at different coffee chains for an average cup of coffee.

Starbucks – $2.85 per coffee

Dunkin’ - $2.19 per coffee

Panera - $2.69 per coffee

McDonald’s – $1.55 per coffee

We can see here that depending on where you like to get your coffee from, the amount you spend on coffee will vary quite a bit. 

Buying Your Own Coffee Maker

When we think of investing in a coffee setup, it’s often a daunting task. But there are actually several different types of coffee makers that fit various budgets. Depending on how you like to brew your coffee, let’s take a look at some options for coffee makers you could purchase for your home.

1. Aero Press Coffee Plunger

This is probably one of the best and most affordable setups for anyone who’s looking to maintain a tight budget. Not only is the setup incredibly simple to use and maintain, but the price means you’ll start saving money on coffee in weeks rather than years. 

An Aero Coffee Plunger Set is a much more economical choice for quick daily brewing. This simple method of brewing coffee is affordable, compact, and portable, so you can fit your entire brewing system in your work bag or luggage. The end result is one of quality and consistency, and you can’t beat that!

2. Pour-over Coffee Set

Pour-over coffee is one of those specialty items that would cost you more than the average cup of coffee at your favorite chain. While this specialty method is often touted as something you need to pay extra for, in reality, you can make your own pour-over coffee at home and save money on coffee in the process! 

A pour-over coffee set is composed of two parts. First, is the Pour Over Coffee Dripper and Carafe Set. These are the main tools you’ll need for the actual brewing of your pour-over coffee. 

If you want to go above and beyond to ensure your pour-over coffee is of the highest quality, then you’ll also want to invest in a gooseneck kettle. These kettles have specialized spouts that make the art of pouring water evenly through your coffee grounds much more manageable.

In total, for the entire setup (including a gooseneck kettle), you should budget $57.88.

3. Espresso Machine Set

If what you desire is coffee shop quality espresso that’s ready to go in seconds, then you’ll want to get yourself an espresso machine and some accompanying tools. The 7-Piece All-in-one Home Barista Set ensures you’ll be able to brew a sumptuous shot of espresso right in the comfort of your own home. 

The machine, itself, is accompanied by essential tools like an electric grinder, espresso cups, a tamper, measuring scoops, a milk frothing pitcher, and much more! While being more pricey than the other options, it is also the most convenient of all our home brewing solutions since it takes just 45 seconds to brew your espresso!

How Long Will It Take to Pay off Your Coffee Maker?

This will depend on how often you consume coffee, but you’ll be surprised how little time it takes to start saving money on coffee by brewing your own at home. Let’s go through a few scenarios and see how long it’ll take you to save enough money on coffee to pay off your coffee maker:

Drinking Coffee 3 Times a Week

If we take $2 as the average cost of coffee, since it falls between our highest and lowest range, how long would it take until we start saving money on coffee? It would take just 6 weeks to pay off your drip coffee setup, 9.5 weeks to pay off your pour-over coffee set up and 39.5 weeks (just over 9 months) to pay off your espresso machine setup.

Drinking Coffee 5 Times a Week

With the same $2 cost of coffee, how long would it take to pay off your setup and start saving money on coffee? It would take 3.5 weeks to pay off your drip coffee set, just over 5.5 weeks to cover your pour-over coffee set and just under 24 weeks (6 months) to pay off your espresso machine set.

Drinking Coffee Daily

Using our average $2 cup of coffee, let’s see how long it would take a daily coffee drinker to save money on coffee. It would take just 2.5 weeks to pay off the drip coffee setup, 4 weeks to save the same amount as a pour-over coffee setup, and around 17 weeks (just over 4 months) to cover the cost of your espresso machine set. 

It’s Easy to Save Money on Coffee!

Brewing your own coffee at home is the easiest way to save money on coffee while still enjoying your morning pick-me-up. With several options for every budget, you could cover your cost of investment in as little as 2.5 weeks! Of course, there are other costs like the price of coffee beans, sugar, and any condiments you might enjoy, but these aren’t going to break the bank and won’t add significantly to your overall costs. So, if you’re worried about your budget and have identified coffee as one of the main culprits, get yourself a home setup and start saving money on coffee today!