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Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers - Coffee Life, a blog by EspressoWorks

Carefully Curated Coffee Gifts

While some may be excited for snow and festivities this holiday season, we’re betting that there will be that special someone in your life that’s only got coffee on their minds. Preparing a gift for coffee lovers can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t super well-versed with all the tools, products, and equipment that coffee experts use regularly. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of wonderful goodies that will be sure to perk up the day of even the most ardent coffee lover – no caffeine necessary!

What Types of Brewtiful Coffee Gifts Should You Get?

There are quite a few categories when it comes to coffee gifts. It’s important to consider things like your budget, how deep into coffee your loved ones are, and even whether they already have any of the items you’re considering purchasing. To make your job easier, we’ll be splitting our gift guide into six main categories: espresso makers, barista bundles, tidy Counters, the perfect measure, coffee purists, and gifts for the home barista. Let’s take a look at each category in turn.

Espresso Makers

For ultimate ease of use, there’s nothing that beats an espresso maker. Not only are they extremely convenient to use, but they also allow coffee lovers to experiment with different coffee beans. This makes a great gift for those who are looking to take their love of coffee up to the next level. It’s also the ideal gift for coffee lovers who need their coffee quickly and with minimal fuss. If you’re thinking of purchasing an espresso maker for the holidays, try one of the following two options:

10-Piece Black Espresso & Cappuccino Maker Set

10-Piece Black Espresso & Cappuccino Maker Set - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

This espresso maker comes with all the essentials you need to make a great brew quickly. Ready to start making quality coffee in just 45 seconds after being switched on, this is the perfect present for those who always find themselves short on time in the mornings. 

Set Includes:

  • EspressoWorks 19-Bar Espresso & Cappuccino Machine
  • 2 x Premium Double Walled Espresso Glasses
  • 2 x High-Quality Double Walled Cappucino Glasses
  • Tamper & Measuring Spoon
  • Electric Coffee Grinder, 120V plug-in
  • 16 Coffee Art Stencil Templates
  • High-quality Portafilter
  • Single and double shot baskets
  • Quick Start Guide

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7-Piece Red EspressoWorks All-In-One Set

7-Piece EspressoWorks All-In-One Set - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

If you’re shopping for a person with eclectic and wide-ranging tastes, this is the perfect coffee maker set for the job. Coming with a wide variety of tools to create multiple styles of coffee, this is a machine geared to cover multiple coffee types. 

Set Includes:

  • EspressoWorks 15-Bar Espresso Machine
  • Tamper & Measuring Spoon
  • Electric Coffee Grinder, 120V plug-in
  • High-quality Portafilter
  • Single and double shot baskets
  • 2 x Ceramic Espresso Cups
  • Milk Frothing Pitcher

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Barista Bundles

These bundles make ideal gifts for coffee lovers who are looking to really dive into the hobby, are already professionals, or just need quality tools to up the quality of their beloved coffee creations. The following three sets may fit the lifestyle of the coffee-lover in your life to a tee!

The College Coffeeholic Bundle

The College Coffeeholic Bundle - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

This 10-piece espresso machine set is tailor-built for college students who need fuel for the midnight grind! The items in this set will let college students prepare quality coffee on a time crunch for themselves and their friends!

Bundle Includes: 

  • EspressoWorks 7-Piece Coffee Maker Set
  • Tamper
  • Battery Operated Milk Frother
  • Airtight Coffee Canister (with scoop)
  • Latte Art Pen
  • Glass Spice Shaker
  • Fun Ceramic Quote Cups
  • 100% Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Tamper Mat

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The Manhattan Barista Bundle

The Manhattan Barista Bundle - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

If you want a gift for coffee lovers that evokes the feeling of big city coffee, look no further than this set. Recreate the New York state of mind right at home with everything necessary to make coffee that adheres to the quality of big-city coffee shops!

Bundle Includes:

  • Half Apron
  • Milk Thermometer
  • Tamper
  • Milk Frothing Jug (350ml)
  • Espresso Measuring Glass
  • Stainless Steel Shaker Set
  • Tamper Mat
  • Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Double Walled Cappuccino Glasses

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The Traveler Bundle

The Traveler Bundle - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

This bundle is the best option for those with a wandering spirit and an untamable soul. Though the traveler in your life may not always be around, let them always have a piece of you around by gifting them this bundle so they can make delicious coffee no matter where in the world they are!

Bundle includes:

  • Stainless Steel Shaker Set
  • Coffee Burr Grinder
  • French Press
  • Battery Operated Milk Frother
  • Coffee Scoop with Bag Clip

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Gifts to keep your Coffee Lover's counters spick and span - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Tidy Counters

While preparing coffee is a joy in and of itself, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if your workstation isn’t kept clean. These options are ideal gifts for coffee lovers of all skill levels since anyone who is brewing coffee needs to clean up after. 

Silicone Coffee Tamper Mat

This is an inexpensive gift that can save professionals and beginners, alike, a lot of hassle. Used to protect countertops and keep workspaces clean, this high-quality silicone tamper mat is sturdy and purpose-built to enjoy a long life without displaying signs of wear and tear. 


  • Made of premium silicone
  • Perfect for home or business 
  • Easy to use
  • Steady and durable
  • Attractive design

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Wooden Cleaning Brush

This gift for coffee lovers is a great Secret Santa option since it is absolutely essential to every coffee addict. Such quality brushes are key for removing fine particles of debris from coffee machines and ensuring they function as smoothly as the day they were bought!


  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Keeps espresso machines spotless
  • Reaches hard to clean places
  • Attractive wooden handle
  • Easy to store

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Espresso Grounds Knock Box

Knock boxes are where you store spent coffee grinds. A good knock box needs to be sturdy, built to take a beating, and also be able to store multiple cycles of used coffee grounds so you don’t need to keep emptying it out after every use. This one checks all those boxes flawlessly!


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design
  • Fits in a dishwasher
  • Maximum convenience 

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Perfect Gifts to create the perfectly crafted coffee - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

The Perfect Measure

Brewing coffee is equally a science as it is an art. These are the best gifts for coffee lovers who turn into veritable mad scientists as they tinker with ratios and constantly try to perfect the ultimate coffee recipes!

Espresso Measuring Glass

Measure any liquid in ml, ounces, or shots so that you can follow along with any online recipe or simply create your own. An absolute must-have for home baristas and those working in professional settings. 


  • Sturdy glass
  • Makes measuring quick and convenient
  • Stylish design
  • A must-have tool for baristas

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Digital Kitchen Scale

This is a multi-purpose scale that lets you get highly-accurate weight readings of coffee grounds, liquids, and any other ingredient your heart desires. A great addition to the kitchen arsenal of anyone who loves coffee, cooking, or…chemistry?


  • Accurate coffee measurements
  • Quick and efficient
  • Digital, battery-powered
  • Smart, sleek design

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Measuring Spoons 2 Piece Set

Baristas, especially professional ones, need to measure the amount of coffee that goes into a drink as accurately as possible. This is where measuring spoons are invaluable, as they can help save time and give baristas a convenient way to get the measurements they need to create quality drinks.


  • Convenient and User-friendly
  • Makes measuring easy
  • Contains 15ml and 30 ml spoons
  • Great for all drinks

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Other Coffee Brewing Gifts - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

For Coffee Purists

If you are shopping for the type of coffee lover that prefers things done the old-fashioned way, these products are absolute essentials to crafting a delicious brew as it was done decades ago. 

Moka Pot 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

The Moka Pot is an iconic design that has stood the test of time, which is why it’s still popular to this day with coffee purists and those who have a strong sense of nostalgia. Surprisingly simple to use, the Moka Pot is the type of gift for coffee lovers who like things old-fashioned and prefer to avoid too many fancy modern gizmos and gadgets.


  • Perfect for entertaining guests at home
  • Made for stovetops
  • Great for dinner parties
  • Serves multiple guests
  • Prepares six cups of gourmet espresso

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Manual Coffee Burr Grinder

If electronic burr grinders just don’t cut it, the manual one is sure to fit the bill. This tool is ideal for coffee lovers to extract the most flavor out of their coffee beans while ending up with grinds that are smooth, fresh, and without compromise. 


  • Manually Operated
  • Achieves consistent grind
  • Ideal for baristas who enjoy freshness
  • User-friendly, quick, and convenient

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Ideal gifts for Home Baristas - EspressoWorks Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

For the At-Home Barista

Not all coffee enthusiasts can pursue their passion to a professional level. That doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t live out their coffee dreams at home! These items are great gifts for coffee lovers who turn their homes into coffee shops!

Barista Apron With 2 Front Pockets

Look the part with an apron that makes any home barista feel like they are in a professional setting. Store multiple items in the roomy front pockets so that you can have all the tools you need on hand to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. Not to mention, the apron is essential to keep clothes free of pesky coffee stains!


  • Great for home baristas
  • 2 roomy front pockets
  • High-quality material

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Milk Frothing Jug

That delicious froth that completes drinks like lattes and cappuccinos simply isn’t possible to make effectively without a milk frothing jug. Durable and with a spout to easily direct your pour, this is the type of tool that distinguishes a home barista’s drinks as looking amazingly professional!


  • Capacity: 350 or 600ml
  • Gorgeous Rose Gold color
  • Made of premium stainless steel     
  • Sleek design, featuring a handle and a narrow spout for an easy to control pour
  • Strong and durable
  • Perfect for all coffee drinks
  • Ideal for home, office, and home office
  • Home Barista Essential

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Handheld Milk Frother

To get that perfect consistency of frothy milk quickly and efficiently, a handheld milk frother is essential. While you can manually whisk your milk, the end result is rarely as good or consistent as using a dedicated milk frother. This makes the perfect gift for coffee lovers interested in lattes, cappuccinos, and types of coffee where frothed milk are key components. 


  • Makes milk frothing hassle-free
  • Perfect texture for cappuccinos, lattes, and other beverages
  • Rechargeable with long battery life
  • Easy to clean

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Espresso Tamper

Extracting the perfect shot of espresso absolutely mandates the use of a tamper. Weighty, sturdy, and capable of packing coffee grinds nice and tight, this is a gift for coffee lovers that will instantly improve the quality of their extracted espresso. 


  • Makes packing espresso quick and easy
  • Helps improve the quality of the coffee
  • A great tool for professionals, home baristas, and the office
  • Made from premium stainless steel
  • Gorgeous design

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Gifts that Let Coffee Lovers Espresso Themselves

Now that you have a large selection of great coffee-related gifts to choose from, it should be a latte easier picking out something that fits your budget along with the personality and skill level of the person you are shopping for. The items in our curated list are all of exceptional quality and will make any coffee lover feel warm, happy, and loved during the holiday season!